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Not just another tech blog.

Big data, quantum computing, or artificial intelligence, we simplify all the complicated science and technology terms in a way that everyone can understand. Thefullapple isn’t only for the scientifically arrogant or the self-proclaimed technology intellectuals. Thefullapple is an online media platform showcasing relevant concepts in an interesting and engaging way, helping you to gain an insight into the fascinating world of science and technology. At the same time our articles are factual, referenced, and cutting edge.

Right from genetically engineered babies to sex robots, to tinder affecting economic growth, we inform you about how the latest technology trends are affecting YOU. No product placements, no advertisements, we bring you fresh, new and relevant opinions. Thefullapple is young, informed and a provoker of open and uncensored discussion. We welcome your opinions and encourage your conversation. Comment, share and email us at thefullapple@gmail.com.

What are you waiting for? It’s simple really. #letthefullappledrop and begin your journey today.

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  1. Vikram Nagrani says:

    Excellent blog. Thoughtfully written and informative, yet succinct. Look forward to the upcoming issues.

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