About Us

Who are we?

Not just another tech blog.

Big data, quantum computing, artificial intelligence – heard these and many more science and technology terms before? Trying to find out more but google search only leaving you more confused than when you started?

Thefullapple has all the big technical terms explained in a simple way, how the growing wave of technology is affecting you, and funky features revealing the science behind everyday phenomena. Thefullapple isn’t just for the self proclaimed intellectuals or technology whizzes, it’s for everyone.  At the same time our articles are factual,referenced, and cutting edge.

Anything technical, we’ve got you covered.


At thefullapple, we believe in bringing you fresh, new and relevant opinions. Thefullapple is young, informed and a provoker of open and uncensored discussion. We welcome your opinions and encourage your conversation. Comment, share and email us at thefullapple@gmail.com.

Meet the Team 

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.” 

Arsha Nagrani
Founder and Chief Obsessor
Arsha is the founder and chief editor of thefullapple. It was clear she was destined to be an engineer, back from when she was 6 and tried to fix a tree that had lost its leaves by glueing them back on. She graduated Cambridge with a high distinction and will begin her Machine Learning PhD at Oxford in October.

Thefullapple combines the two loves of her life - writing and technology. She has become utterly possessed by it and has even snuck away from drinks with friends to work on an article.
David Brückner
In- House Physics Expert
David writes about complicated Physics terms like entanglement and string theory. Having graduated with four straight firsts in Physics from Cambridge, he has now become tired of aligning lasers in dark rooms and is moving on to a PhD in theoretical Biophysics in Munich, in order to find out the true meaning of life. After working with us David has realised that Pandemonium is not in fact an element. He tries to calm the chaos and ensures that our articles are technically correct and efficiently made.
Mihir Bhushan
After a brief but successful run-in with engineering, (a Cambridge Master's degree) Mihir now works for a renowned investment bank where he hopes to work with technology companies on a strategic level.  As well as adding humour to the articles, Mihir is the professional don of the team. He also managed to squeeze in an impressive cricket career:  ‘Mihir has a glorious cover drive and always maintains a respectable batting average’- Mihir himself, 2016
Sarah Barrington
Industry Insider
Hailing from the wrong side of the wall (aka the M25), Sarah is a wildling who loved her Manufacturing Eng course where she made, but mostly broke, a lot of cool things- and somehow walked away with first class honours in her Master’s degree. 

Sarah has a job working for McLaren Applied Technologies, the technology division to the famous racing team. Bursting with creative ideas, Sarah makes the articles young, relevant and (we believe) fascinatingly interesting.